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jhorvath 09-29-2002 09:01 PM

Event Sounds..

I'm wondering why i can't hear any event sounds (licq sounds,netscape...) I can hear audio cd's and movies so i know it works for the most part. I did 'chmod 666 /dev/dsp' and on the mixer as well but it seems not to have much effect. I'm running fluxbox-1.10 on slack8.1 utilizing the OSS Yamaha modules that came default with slack.

If anyone's got any insight or ideas i'm glad to hear em'. :study:

thanks alot

nautilus_1987 10-01-2002 01:57 PM is an old problem. And Idon't think that Yamaha drivers came with Slack8.1,
of course if you have installed some other kernel
I know one thing that offers you a way out. It always helps :).....yes it is kernel recompiling

jhorvath 10-01-2002 05:13 PM

been there...
default slack kernel config, sound options under OSS there is support for Yamaha724 (or something...don't have my box in front of me..) built either directly into the kernel or as module (ymfpci..). I have already recompiled the kernel, that's one of the first things i do. Sound in general is not a problem, i can hear when i pick my modem up, or when i play a cd, or watch a movie. It's just those little event sounds, like when i download e-mail or recieve a message in licq.

This is not exactly life or death that i hear these, i just prefer it. As far as i remember, when i had KDE installed i didn't hear any event sounds or the startup sound in their either..? Is there maybe a general sound server or something i need to install and schedule at boot to take care of this sort of thing...??


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