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allend 11-10-2012 08:15 AM

Enabling support for ffmpeg 0.11 in sox-14.4.0
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I use Alien_Bob's SlackBuild for ffmpeg 0.11.2 and ran into the problem that it is not compatible with sox-14.4.0 in Slackware 14.0 due to changes in the ffmpeg API.
As it is annoying when a Swiss Army knife has a blade that will not open, I investigated further. Using patches for Gentoo and Arch posted at and together with some alterations to suit the new avformat_open_input API call I have successfully recompiled sox with support for ffmpeg on Slackware 32bit and 64 bit systems.

On the off chance that anybody has an interest, I am attaching a modified SlackBuild for sox-14.4.0 together with the patch file I have created (remove the .txt extensions). To use these, download the source for sox-14.4.0 and add a directory ./patch. Copy the patch file into this directory. Rebuild sox using the modified SlackBuild so that the patch file is used. I used 'upgradepkg --reinstall' to install the newly created package.

Now 'play <somefile>.m4a' should work. This might be useful to someone with an iTunes music library.

allend 11-11-2012 05:37 PM

Just to get this off the zero reply list.

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