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flira 05-27-2004 09:11 PM

Edit files thread
I am ver sorry for this question ...i really am...
I am a noob to linux so pls dont come yelling at me ok?
I installed the slackware 9.1 on a partition of itself...
But lilo refuses to show the option to boot windows at the start up
I got the following code to edit in one of the forums:


First question

Is this code right?

Second question(dont laugh)

How do i do to edit the liloconfig file?
I mean a litle simple step by step thing

I guess that question expands to files that are not lilo as well.

I'm really trying to avoid microsoft so pls help me
Thank you

aoe2bug 05-27-2004 09:18 PM

hey, to edit the lilo conf file, you can use the command

pico /etc/lilo.conf
pico is a really simple test editor, so it should be pretty easy to use. after editing lilo make sure to run the lilo command:

i dont know if the code is right, but you should just be able to add it to the end of lilo.conf, just add this tho:


(again i dont know if this is the right code for you, i dont use windows and i can't know if your windows partition is the first one on the first hard drive)

good luck :)

Tinkster 05-27-2004 09:33 PM

It should be safe to omit the table-entry for most

The lilo-snippet seems sensible :)


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