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bluegospel 04-22-2010 01:17 PM

dual boot--partition sizes
Hi. To be safe I'm planning to use a 9 Gig partition for slackware 13. I'm not sure what size is sufficient for running Windows XP. My total hard drive space is 74.4 Gigs. Any recommendations?

LuckyCyborg 04-22-2010 01:28 PM

Depends on how much crap you have installed in Windows. WindowsXP himself is happy in a partition of 2-3GB.

dc_eros 04-22-2010 09:10 PM


I have 80GB on my laptop. I have 3 OS, slackware main, slackware testing (testing the -current), and windows XP.

Windows XP - 10GB - previously 15GB but give 5GB to testing (OS, ms office, browsers, bluetooth app, plant vs zombie :D, etc)
Slackware Testing - 5GB (slackware -current except KDE and KDEi)
Swap partition - 3GB
Slackware main - the rest (cool stuff here :D)

vigi 04-24-2010 02:28 AM

First primary partition WindowsXP 10GB + a separate common partition fat32/ntfs 10GB? (backup data etc)
Slackware13: root /8GB + /swap(2xram size or 1GB) + /home 10GB/balance?

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