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linuxnubx 08-20-2004 04:57 AM

dropline-gnome and
Does the stuff from work for the new dropline-gnome? I installed one theme, but now when I scroll my themes, I get a whole bunch of artifacts in my theme window (I mean the window where you change your themes). So when I scroll through the themes, I can't even see what themes there are since they images get all messed up, like I can't even see what I'm doing. Anyone have this happen to them? Is it a bug?

jev-bird 08-20-2004 06:36 AM

Maybe elaborate more or post a screenshot. The themes should work fine. As long as they are gtk1 or gtk2 themes. In dropline-gnome's case gtk2 themes. I get a lot of themes from gnome-look and they work fine. Could be something wrong with your install.

Run the dropline-installer and maybe reinstall everything.

linuxnubx 08-20-2004 10:32 PM

Sorry for the vagueness. The window where you can change the themes gets all garbled and basically become useless. You can't see anything because as you scroll down and look at the themes, the images just get garbled and you can't see them anymore. You can select them for a while (until it crashes), but you won't be able to see wth you're doing. Think of when a full screen program freezes, like ieexplorer for example, and say you have winamp playing on top of that. Well, if you move the winamp player around on top of the crashed internet explorer window, the internet explorer window won't refresh properly, and all you'll see are a bunch of garbled winamp players. It's like that with me in the gnome theme selection. The window just won't refresh properly when I scroll through the themes.

Okay, so if you read all that above, I did try to install an "icon themes" with that gnome theme application... You think that's the problem? I didn't know where to install the icon theme, so I just tried the gnome theme app. If you don't know what his "icon themes" is, go to and check the left column until you see icon themes. Well I downloaded an icon theme from there, and tried to install it with the gnome theme app. When I installed a theme from the gtk2.x, it worked, but that's when the refresh rate of the window went horribly wrong. Anyways, today I did like two fresh installs (messing with stuff), but this time, I'm installing dropline-gnome. Any ideas of what happened? Was it because I tried to install the icon theme? I won't do that again once my dropline-gnome completes install... but if it happens again even without me doing that, I will be pretty pissed. SHiet.

jev-bird 08-23-2004 01:49 AM

Ok I might know what your talking about. Kind of like it eats up massive amounts of cpu and ram and when you try and move it around the screen or what not it leaves traces of itself. That's usually a sign of the app crashing. You might want to try another program to change your gtk themes other than gnome-theme-manager but with that app not working it kind of defeats the purpose of running dropline gnome. But if you want you can try gtk-chtheme for changing your themes on the fly.

That still leaves the problem of your icons because I don't know if there are any third party apps for that. I never use gnome theme manager to install themes. I just extract the themes and icons where they belong. For icons you download do:

$ mv icons.tgz ~/.icons
$ cd ~/.icons;tar -zxvf icons.tgz

or vice versa

And the same for themes except they go in your hidden theme directory. ~/.themes. A simpler way is with the gnome-theme-manager but don't install it with it just click the tab that says go to theme folder and you can just drag and drop the icon and theme folders to their correct location like above.

A reinstall of dropline should have fixed your issue. If not I'm sure they have some kind of support on irc or a forum maybe. :)

linuxnubx 08-23-2004 02:58 AM

Yeah, I think it was the one theme that I downloaded that messed the theme changer up. I think it was called Ana. If you look at the user comments, they talk about a bug messing up the theme manager. I think that was my problem. After reinstalling Slack and dropline gnome, it worked alright -- I didn't install the Ana theme this time, although MOST of the themes didn't even show in my theme manager... In fact only one of three or four themes that I installed appeared on the theme list.

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