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acummings 07-28-2004 05:43 PM

dpi font | gdm | kde DE | xinitrc.kde | Slackware 10

Slackware 10. For my kde, how to get the dpi up a bit higher than how it's currently at 72x72?

Older howto lists an xservers file but I couldn't find this file on Slack 10.

xpdyinfo lists my dpi at 72x72 (gdm, kde desktop environment)

just out of curiosity, I tried a gnome session and it be the same dpi as the above listed kde session.

However, an xfce session lists something like 90x96 for the dpi

The xinitrc for an xfce session has in it:

some settings for hinting and for dpi

but I tried copy those settings into a local .xinitrc to no avail (ran xwmconfig as a user, then edited the resulting .xinitrc file) didn't work for the dpi though - rebooted but did not change the dpi

My fonts are finer, smoother (and smaller) in an xfce session at 90x96 dpi

My 72x72 dpi kde fonts (gnome session as well) are a bit on the chunky side, grainy, rough, pebbly. I want to get them finer like what happens in an xfce session.

Thanks. Alan.

acummings 07-28-2004 08:16 PM

Re: dpi font | gdm | kde DE | xinitrc.kde | Slackware 10

Originally posted by acummings

Older howto lists an xservers file but I couldn't find this file on Slack 10.

I just now found the file. It's at:


it was without the -dpi 96 -- I added in the -dpi 96 to make it be thus:

:0 local /usr/X11R6/bin/X -dpi 96

But that has no effect when using gdm. So, I then edited /etc/rc.d/rc.4 so that it fires up xdm instead of firing up gdm

And, the dpi went from 72x72 to 76x72

I then restored rc.4 back to original so it fires up gdm.

I then extensively looking at the gdm system. But it's a bit too complex for me to grasp it all. I understood portions of it.

I see a /usr/bin/gdm which is a file, a shell script -- it in turn calls up a binary, the gdm-binary

I wonder if the dpi can changed at there, the /usr/bin/gdm ?

So close -- got bunch else configured the way I want it in Slackware 10. Now, if I can just improve upon the font.

Thanks. Alan.

acummings 07-28-2004 10:28 PM


I just Googled for: gdm dpi

Amongst a few others, I found

it has about editing the gdm.conf file for the dpi

# Definition of the standard X server.
name=Standard server
command=/usr/X11R6/bin/X -dpi 100

That's what I did, Slack 10, to my /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf

(with the -dpi 100 is newly added)

And, now at 80x75 instead of 72x72 dpi

Seems to have made it a little better, a bit more crisply and smoother defined, the fonts

Haven't a clue why the dpi didn't go even higher.

Caution, I somewhat of a newbie -- therefore, you're on your own. I recommend nothing of what I've done to anyone else.

Wish I knew more.

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