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glore2002 09-01-2009 05:48 AM

Doubts related to installing Slackware64-13.
Please, help me clarify my mind :-)

After reinstalling the system a couple of times, these are my doubts related to installing slackware64-13 and keeping it up to date.

1.I did this: Install Slackware64 (Full installation) then flashplugin, openoffice, vlc, lame, mplayer. After that I've installed multilib. After multilib, I've installed nVidia driver. First doubt: Is multilib recommended or it is only necessary for wine and skype? Is it OK to combine 32 and 64 bit stuff with multilib or that, sooner or later, makes the system more unstable?

2.This doubt has to do with keeping the system up to date: As far as I know, I can update the system with Slackpg or Sbopkg. Is this OK or you prefer just installing the changelogs security updates and newer version packages from slackbuilds, slacky or Alien Bob? When installing with slackpg, Will it upgrade 64 bit packages appropriately or it will try to upgrade 64bit packages with 32 ones?

3.Nvidia driver: Should I use the binary files from nVidia website or Slackbuild package? In that case, Should I install nVidia kernel (from slackbuilds too) before? Is the nVidia driver from Slackbuilds 64 bits?

I hope this will also help other members too.

Thank you and sorry for so many doubts :-)

Bruce Hill 09-01-2009 06:12 AM

Alien Bob has an article in his wiki about compat32. And he has updated the
compat32-tools package since Slackware64-13.0 was released. If you want
to run a multilib system you should stick with his advice.

There is a Nvidia driver for 64-bit. IMO you can just use that binary driver and
reinstall it whenever you have a new kernel or change in X.Org that would
require it. That is what I will do ... not everyone does the same.

IMO the question to ask is, "Why does glore2002 need a multilib Slackware64?"
If the answer is for wine and skype alone, then you'll probably not have too
many other questions along the line.

If you install compat32 packages, there are things you must blacklist if you
use a package manager such as slackpkg. Since it is the one included in Slackware,
I personally would prefer it over other third-party package managers. While running
Alien Bob's compat32 packages on this box during the Slackware64 -current cycle,
these are the packages I blacklisted:

mingdao@silas64:~$ egrep -v "(^#|^ *$)" /etc/slackpkg/blacklist

The mutt, msmtp, maildrop, irssi, and MPlayer packages are ones that I built
which are also included in Slackware. I exclude the kernel packages primarily
because I run custom kernels. The ones starting at gcc are the compat32
packages that should not be upgraded with the normal 64-bit packages.

On my computers I use official Slackware packages if available, then Alien Bob's
packages if he has them, and if not, I build them myself. No other packages...

If you are going to keep a Slackware64-13.0 stable system, and not run -current
when it's new cycle begins, you should only be upgrading the /patches directory.
Those will be easy enough to follow, and you can ask questions here about them.

And IMO you should keep your system stable, and not run -current, until you learn
more about Slackware and Linux. Otherwise, you're going to have some problems
and maybe break your system. Still, it's your choice.

glore2002 09-01-2009 06:53 AM

Thanks Bruce! Very clear explanation. I appreciate it and will take your advices.
I would also like to know how to update /patches directory.

Bruce Hill 09-01-2009 07:03 AM

Alien Bob has a script - rsync_slackware_patches - in his tools directory.

It should be fairly self-explanatory. If you need help, just ask.

glore2002 09-01-2009 07:53 PM


Originally Posted by Bruce Hill (Post 3665228)
Alien Bob has a script - rsync_slackware_patches - in his tools directory.

It should be fairly self-explanatory. If you need help, just ask.

Thanks for this too Bruce! your replies were very clear and I am starting to understand how to keep Slackware stable and up to date.

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