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veeall 02-03-2011 06:11 AM

Dispwin: Error ... after updates in current
After latest updates in current somehow an argyll cms utility 'dispwin' fails to load display profile at startup, saying:


m@rraal:~$ "/usr/bin/dispwin" -d1 -c -L
Dispwin: Error - Failed to get the displays current ICC profile

Could this be something to do with xdg-user-dirs-0.13-i486-1 package which also got upgraded?

This site led me to connect the issue with xdg-user-dirs package:,2

If i fire up dispcalGUI it loads the profile fine.
I guess i can point dispwin to correct profile manually too, that should do.

"/usr/bin/dispwin" -d1 -c -I '/home/USER/.local/share/color/icc/devices/display/CMO 2010-09-18 max native min native 2.2 MQ-HQ 1xCurve+MTX.icc'

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