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arubin 09-12-2012 03:57 AM

Devede 3.22 errors
I had Devede working fine on my old PC.

I have a new PC and tried installing Devede using sbopkg. Unfortunately the source didn't appear to be available since Devede has moved on to 3.22. So I went directly to slackbuilds, changed the script to 3.22 and installed Devede 3.22.

I could not get this program to build any DVDs. As soon as the build process started there was an error in mencoder. I dried changing everything to ffmpeg but this errored as well.

Fortunately, I found the 3.21 source on a Ububtu site and downgrading to 3.21 found that everything worked fine. So it seems that something is breaking for me between 3.21 and 3.22. Has anyone else had a problem?

willysr 09-12-2012 04:44 AM

Have a look on my SlackHacks repository. I have this package compiled for some time :)

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