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nowell 09-09-2003 03:28 PM

Dell Latitude C600/500 Sound
Hey all. Been a RedHat user for awhile. Got fed up with all the nonsense RH has put in their kernels of late, so decided to slack. Anyway, im using a Dell Latitude C600/500. The original drivers that loaded for the sound card (off the original bare.i kernel) were for the ESS Maestro 2. On my kernel recompile I added support, including module for 100%SB cards. However I just cant seem to get this darn thing working. Rexima errors with cant open /dev/mixer and MPlayer and XMMS give the generic sound card not configed. I know im missing something simple =)

Also, does the ACPI make that much of a difference? I average about an hour of batter life as is (granted this is a work laptop and the battery has seen better days) altho im usually on power most of the time.

Thanks in advance.


nowell 09-09-2003 04:22 PM

Nevermind, lspci -v showed it as a Maestro 3 (reason behind my problems), then it was just a matter of turning the code maturity option on, and using the Maestro 3 driver.

Note to new users that might run into this, if you find that your sure a driver is supported in Linux, but you cant seem to find it on your menuconfig, make sure to turn on prompting for develpment and/or incomplete drivers under the code maturity level during your compile or it wont show alot of the experimental drivers.

Anyway, happy slacking all! =)


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