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Slax-Dude 04-07-2010 01:30 PM

Custom "official" package repository
Dear all,

I use slackpkg to install packages on my slackware boxes, but I have a problem with it: it only allows for one mirror.
Since I use some packages that are not in the official slackware repository (, alienbob's repo and I need to find another way.

The first thing that came to mind was building my own repository with all the official slackware packages plus all the other ones I use, then point slackpkg to it :)

My question is: will it work to just have a slackware mirror locally and then insert "my_packages" inside the slackware directory then run some script like alienbob's here: ?

Also, is the script that generates the official repository publicly available, or should I just use Alienbob's script?

Is this the best way to solve my problem or should I use something else like slapt-get (which supports more than one mirror at a time)?
I would prefer using slackpkg, since it's the official way to auto-download and install packages.

Thank you

gargamel 04-07-2010 01:42 PM

If you want to use only one tool, it's gonna be slapt-get, I guess.

Personally I prefer to use these:

slackpkg for "official" packages
slackyd for
sbopkg for
src2pkg for foreign packages

Well, actually I don't use slackyd, currently, as I am on 64 bit, but if I recall it correctly, slackyd can be used for "official" packages, too. Not sure, anymore, though...

Regarding Alien Bob's mirror script, I guess, others will know more.


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