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hemp4fuel 04-18-2008 02:00 PM

-current flac xmms
I resist change and I still use xmms. It usually works with all the file types I use which mostly include flac and shn. There is an xmms-shn plugin to include support for shorten files. In the past the flac package from slackware has automatically included the xmms-flac plugin. I notice now with current that flac files aren't playing. I looked in the preferences for xmms and there is no mention of the flac plugin. Since the flac version had changed I decided to recompile xmms to see if that would take care of it but it didn't. I examined the slackbuilds for flac from 12 and current but I see no mention of flac in either one so it seems there wasn't an intentional change to not include xmms-flac. I am going to look into compiling flac myself to see if that will fix it.

Any other ideas would be appriciated as I am sure I am not the only slackware current user that prefers xmms and uses flac files.

hemp4fuel 04-18-2008 02:11 PM

Simple fix, compiled flac and now it works. I guess flac needs to see xmms at compile time to include the plugin and since xmms was removed from slackware you will need to compile flac yourself to get the plugin.

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