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Ra_ 06-02-2003 09:34 AM

Curious problem....
Sitauation before:
Slackware 9.0
KDE 3.1.0 (original Slackware one)
Dropline-Gnome 2.2.2 (Default Desktop Manager)
ALSA drivers for C-Media 8738

KDE and Gnome perfectly working.

Situation after:
Slackware 9.0
KDE 3.1.0 (original Slackware one)
Dropline-Gnome 2.2.3 (Newly released on June, 1st 2003) (Default Desktop Manager)
ALSA drivers for C-Media 8738

I upgraded via web (thru the dropline-installer) Gnome to the latest release from Dropline Systems.
Then I switched to KDE to use Arson (Burning tool) and appeared to me the Splashscreen as usual but stopped on the first blinking icon (Setting up Interprocess Comunications). In the upper left corner of the screen there was a white dialog box that said "Could not initialize kdeinit. Please check your installation" with an "okay" button at his bottom.
I pressed that "okay" and the startup of KDE keeped back continuing (instead of quitting back to GDM).
With my surprise KDE started up fully and there was only a certain delay in the sound (that wasn't "in time" with actions but largely late).
I deleted ~/.kde and ~/.qt and removed all KDE 3.1.0 packages.
I installed all the KDE 3.1.2 packages from and restarted KDE itself.
There is the same problem as above. The dialog box at startup, the sound delayed and a little bit crappy but nothing more....
KDE is working well (bo crashes at all...).
The only strange thing is that if I disable aRts for control center and I restart KDE the sound is still there but no aRts process is in the task list or returned by "ps aux" command in konsole.

Anyone has please any kind of idea?

Thanks a lot.

tcaptain 06-02-2003 09:42 AM

Do Gnome and KDE have libraries they use in common? Could this be caused by dropline upgrading a library the KDE needed?

Although, since you have KDE working well now, I'm guessing this probably isn't the case.

Ra_ 06-02-2003 09:44 AM

I think that it could be such a thing but I still believe that hanged "Setting Up Interprocess Comunications" must mean something more....

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