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kikinovak 11-12-2012 11:22 AM

CUPS/Samba print and file server vs. Android and Mac OS X

The Slackware server in our local school has a CUPS+Samba file and print server configured. So far, sharing files works very well on all Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Seven, Windows Vista and Windows XP clients. Printing works smoothly on all Linux and Windows clients. Now I have a few issues left.
  • How do I configure a Mac OS X client to use the printer attached to the server?
  • One of the teachers has a Samsung Galaxy tablet with Android. So far, I've more or less managed to install a Samba file browser, and browsing the shares and cutting/pasting files to it and from it more or less works, though it's a bit clumsy. And I have no idea how to configure the printer from it.

I guess once these two issues are resolved, we've pretty much reached a very satisfying state of things.



mrclisdue 11-13-2012 06:59 AM

Cloud Print, from the Play store works for me on my andevice, as well as the Samsung mobile app. Most printer manufacturers have their own mobile apps, as well.

As for filesharing with android devices, the kludgy file manager / samba options are ultimately the solutions that 'just work'. Most of the other options require root or custom mods, eg., I have sshfs working on my device....


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