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igadoter 06-21-2013 10:58 AM

Creating desktop based on Window Maker - please help

Well I need a precise list of applications created for Window Maker and you are thinking these apps are useful.
I decided to create a functional desktop based on WM cause mu computer is slow. And I cannot get to use Xfce
(no particular reason). I have already installed some apps by slackbuilds - what was listed for "Window maker"
search term at wmmixer is fine, wmdrawer is fine - a file manager fsviewer - nice but there
is configuration issue - there are defaults for "View" and "Edit" file commands - say 'mpg123 %s' runs for view
.mp3 file. Well but it doesn't work well if there is a blank in file name - seems 'mpg123 "%s"' fixes this -
but there is a bunch or predefined defaults and fixing this manually is overkill.

Any help and suggestions are very welcomed.



edorig 06-21-2013 12:34 PM

You could try to install GNUStep, an open source implementation of
the NextStep API. You could use GWorkspace as your filemanager if you find FSViewer limited, and you
may also use other GNUStep programs such as SimpleAgenda. You can have a look at the list of GNUStep apps
and pick some that you find interesting. Of course, any X program will also work in Windowmaker, but the
GNUStep ones have the same look-and-feel as Windowmaker. For the Windowmaker applets, wmpower or wmacpi
measure the battery level of a laptop. Also useful are WmCalClock, (to mount removable media
according to /etc/fstab), wmwave (if you use wifi).

igadoter 06-22-2013 05:03 AM


Well I have GnuStep Live CD...I enjoy it really much...It is exactly GnuStep Live CD where I met KQ ... alive!
Very addictive game...

gnashley 06-22-2013 12:56 PM

Actually there are not many programs specifically written for wmaker -I mean that depedn on libraries supplied by wmaker. fsviewer is one. The wdm display manager is about the only program dependent on wmaker which ever had any popularity. There are many DockApps 'designed for wmaker', but which can be used with other window managers. A very few of them link directly with wmaker libs, others link to libdockapp(which is not part of mwaker, some link to old gtk+ libs and many use only Xlibs or Xlib with some other toolkit.

DockApps are very nice -but only a few of them are really useful at a normal (48x48) icon size -network monitors and such.

I have used wmaker nearly exclusively for over 10 years -most of that time with about the same setup. I run wmaker with a nice panel at the bottom (called Taskbar) and run the ROX-Filer(old gtk+1 version) to manage desktop icons. I actually turn the wmaker Dock and Clip off, plus all miniwindows.

For the bulk of *applications*, you'll inevitably wind up running apps which use some gtk, qt, or kde libs. The lighest of course would be gtk+. None of the 'small, light toolkits' like fltk will help you since there are only a few apps available for them.

There are WM's which use less RAM than wmaker, but I found it a very nice step up from fluxbox, etc. icewm is another light one I like, but since a long time it needs gtk+2 -which I avoid as much as possible. I have gathered a bunch of gtk+1 programs for basic things like creating archives, managing files, etc and only gtk+2 with seamonkey and a few others. Anything critical which needs to be kept up-to-date -like browser or other network tools use gtk+2. But all the stuff which is always running underneath is either gtk+1 or Xlibs.

Here's a humorous look at an atypical desktop:

If you notice in the lower right cormer there are two DockApps running -a CD player and a network monitor. At the bottom is the 'taskbar' panel -sorry the clock is not showing... All the rest of the desktop icons are created and managed by the ROX-Filer -some of them are ROX AppDirs and others are simply 'shortcuts' to things.

I used to use the wmaker Dock and sometimes the Clip in a normal wmaker way, but a single app running from the Dock means there are three icons showing for the program! Plus, any apps placed in the Dock will always be running -which leads to longer startup times for wmaker.

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