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slaxnoob 06-14-2004 04:30 AM

Compiling freetype for Slackware-current
I've read that font rendering in X can be improved be making a modification to the source code for freetype & uncommenting the line


libfreetype is installed by 2 packages :
Package aaa_elflibs-9.1.2-i486-2 provides /usr/lib/

Package x11-6.7.0-i486-4 provides /usr/lib/
Package x11-6.7.0-i486-4 provides /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/fonts/

Should both /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/fonts/ & /usr/lib/ be recompiled ?

I want to compile the least number of packages as i dont want to break anything else. Should i compile freetype & nothing else? OR Should I recompile x11-6.7.0-i486-4.

Which further packages need to be recompiled to take advantage of the improved freetype ?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

keefaz 06-14-2004 04:39 AM

When you will finish compile with 'hinting' feature for freetype, can you post here the result (if do compile with #define TT_CONFIG_OPTION_BYTECODE_INTERPRETER definitivly improve TrueType font appearance) ?

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