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gnashley 02-02-2006 11:27 AM

Chico - A New Light-Weight Browser
I've come up with a new browser which uses GTK-1.2 and the gtkembedmoz module.
This means you get World_class HTML rendering, with a Third-World GUI! It also means very low library dependencies -just GTK/GLIB-1.2 and lesstif, apart from
the mozilla libraries it uses.

The really great thing about this is that it will compile against (nearly?) any version of Mozilla or Firefox in just a few seconds. I haven't tried yet, but it may even compile with just Thunderbird installed, since it also installs the gtkembedmoz libs.

It's still a little rough around the edges and not many more features are planned. I'd welcome any contributions that meet the requirements laid out in the README.
Here's a screenshot:

You can get the sources from here:
or you can get a pre-compiled binary Slackware-style package here:

unSpawn 02-02-2006 12:34 PM

No more Lowenbrau for you! ;-p
A New Light-Weight Browser
Always good to see a new browser on the battlefield, so congrats. But using GTK and gtkembedmoz and Lesstiff?
IMNSHO you can't call that light-weight. Now Dillo, that's as light-weight and speedy as Kate Moss on a white lines diet.

gnashley 02-02-2006 01:55 PM

What do you suppsoe that dilo uses? Also GTK and nearly everything uses lesstif (or motif) at least for WM HINTS support.
I use dillo myself -as a help browser. It won't render much more than *very* basic HTML, which is great, if only every one would write webpages without forms and tables.
BTW, since Chico uses the shared libraries from Mozilla it produces a 50K binary before stripping.
And who doesn't have GTK-1.2 on board? Only the tiniest distros.
I've built up quite a collection of GUI components and user-oriented programs which need only GTK-1.2 to run. You can check them out here:
I build a very functional GUI desktop with 20-30 GUI accessories using less than 240MB. Remember, I said small, not tiny.

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