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puffinman 06-13-2005 06:07 PM

checkinstall making symlinks in root??
I've started using checkinstall when compiling from source, and I like it lots, but I've noticed something odd. Checkinstall seems to leave dead symlinks in root ( / ) to libraries associated with the programs I'm installing. For example, after I installed some Python wxWidgets library and g-wrap, my root looked like this:


# ls
bin/              spare/
boot/        sys/
dev/            tmp/
etc/          usr/
home/          lost+found/              var/
lib/          mnt/                      wx-config@    opt/  proc/    root/  sbin/

Sorry I didn't get an ls -l, I deleted them before I remembered that I wanted to ask about them. I scrolled up for this listing. Anyhow, those .so@ are all dead symlinks (they point to stuff that no longer exists), with the exception of wx-config which was pointing to something valid, which I could see from the color coding on the terminal. This has happened before with all kinds of packages. And since one doesn't often do an ls in root it can be easy to miss. Has this happened to anyone else? I can't find anything in the docs that would describe this as a feature and I don't think it's a misconfiguration. I am using a stock checkinstallrc and installing packages in the default location, which is usually /usr/local.

Anybody have any thoughts, or similar stuff going on in their root?

gbonvehi 06-13-2005 08:56 PM

It happens a lot, it's a problem with checkinstall reading wrong things, I usually just correct it by hand.
After you make the package try reading the generated install script that will make those symlinks.

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