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minike 08-30-2004 11:08 AM

change the console font color
hi, pals ! this is my first time in this forum, and it seems its a good place.. introducing myself: I'm from Argentina (that's why my english is terrible :))
I'm a programming student here, in Buenos Aires....and I'm trying to discover the 'linux world' you know, it's not as simple as win.. so newbies like me need some help.... My linux distro is zipslack--it's only a console mode and that's what I want! ..I don't like windows at all ;).. (when I get ride on it, I'll do a disk partition and install some *nix flavor on it)
straight to the point: (I'll start with something not SO important --got a lot to ask !!) : how can I change permanently -and for all the virtual consoles- the color font? I found this command: 'setterm -foreground colornamehere -store'
but it only works in the console where I call this command, and when I restart the system such set is lost... and the default font color is back :(
would anybody please tell me how to do such change as the default for all the consoles?
thanks a lot --greetz from Argentina

hrp2171 08-30-2004 11:24 AM

Hola, minike

Bienvenido al Slackware forum!

El comando que tu usas lo vas a tener que poner en ~/.bashrc para que se ponga en efecto cada vez que entras al ziplack. Prueba con ese file y dime si funciona o no.

I just basically suggested that he puts the setterm command inside ~/.bashrc so that it runs everytime at logon. Would that be correct?

Nikon01 08-30-2004 03:14 PM

What I did is I made an exicutable file and dropped it in /etc/profile.d/ (make the file extention sh otherwise it wont run). There's a good tutorial on it at: . I like it this way but I'm not sure why I just like it ;D

minike 08-30-2004 05:11 PM

thanks for answer, pals!!

hrp2171 : your help was useful, but there's no '.bashrc' in my zipslack! --I don't know it that's normal or not, but I also use 'cygwin' (an unix terminal emulator for win).. and there exits that file, but not in slack... so what I've done is to put the 'setterm' command in the /etc/profile file...and it works!!
in fact, the first login after the boot process, the font color is white, but when I log in, it color changes to the one I set in the 'profile'.
(by the way: where are U from? your spanish is perfect!)

nikon01 : I found your recipe interesting...and I also visit the link you gave me (very useful page!)
Have you change the color font that way? does it appears in white until you log in -like happens to me?

About the aliases: having in mind I don't have a '.bashrc' file (and I won't compile that executable wright now)... where should I write my aliases? in the /etc/profile ?
thanks again..

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