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nass 02-15-2007 05:03 AM

can ony see 1 slackware pc in my home network
hello everyone.
i have , and for a little longer, a 2nd slackware pc connected in my home network. i have setup both boxes with smilar smb.conf files (i basically renamed smb.conf-sample to smb.cong, but i renamed the 'server name' to smth different for each box.

the problem is that when i navigate to my network places now , i only see the 1 out of 2 pcs . and when i remove from the network the pc that i can see (but unplugging it) i can onl see the other one!

any clues as to y i can only see one slackbox at a time?
thank you for your help

acummings 02-15-2007 01:21 PM

This assumes that each Slack box has a different IP address (if not, then a different IP for each is in order).

*I don't know*

That said,

Perhaps it has to do with the Win browse/auto_scan (Win feature that finds them) is it limited to finding only 1 samba server at a time?

Importantly (or perhaps so, at least according to my experience): In Win, have you tried "mapping a drive" (a different drive to each Samba share that's on your network).

I've not ever had 2 different Samba servers at once on a network.

But I have had a situation whereby the Win auto_find feature would not find and auto show_up/display a known existing and running samba share. I solved it by, in Win, mapping a drive to the networked samba share and then it always works even though this samba share still never shows up automatically in the Win networking/networked_computers.


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