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ppr:kut 06-10-2008 05:15 AM

Business Apps on Slackware - TinyERP: Call for testers
Hey guys!

I put together SlackBuilds for TinyERP. Currently they are in a working state, although I do not consider them stable yet. I've taken the configuration for tinyerp-server from a fedora-rpm. It works, but as I'm not that familiar with tinyerp I do not know, if the options used are appropriate for Slackware as well.
Also, if anyone is already using TinyERP on Slackware, I would be glad for additional comments, suggestions, corrections, et cetera.

tinyerp-server depends on the following apps
pil, reportlab, pyparsing, egenix-mx-base, psycopg and postgresql (which are available from

tinyerp-client makes use of matplotlib, though it's not really a requirement (also available from

Please, grab them, test them, provide feedback :).
Most installation instructions are available in the corresponding README's, however there might be something missing. If so, please tell me, I'll add it right away :).
Beware that these scripts are written for Slackware-12.1, so there might be issues or additional dependencies on older versions.
If these are considered stable enough I will eventually submit them to

Here are the links:

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