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bluegospel 04-15-2010 03:57 PM

burn all four files w/ each disk?
Hi. I have all six iso images on my Windows PC, but each one comes with three other files (with extensions iso.asc, iso.md5, and iso.txt). What's the significance of these other files & am I supposed to burn these to the disk with their corresponding .iso file?

astrogeek 04-15-2010 04:11 PM

The .asc file is a pgp signiature file to verify the authenticity of the .iso file.

The .md5 is a checksum to use to verify the integrity of the downloaded file.

HA! I forget what the .txt is - but probably informational, open it and see what it says.

You only burn the .iso to the CD/DVD.

I checked on the .txt first chance I had! That is a manifest list of what is on the .iso.

bluegospel 04-15-2010 04:18 PM

Thanks alot Astro!

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