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konfigure 03-21-2009 06:45 AM

building from slackbuild script
Im new in building from a script, usually I build in traditional way "./configure && make && make install".
And now I usually get from
Cos I want to upgrade my thunderbird, which I cant get with "slackpkg upgrade", and yes, I already "slackpkg update".
I go to slack's and download them all, exclude the thunderbird-, which I want to upgrade to
the I first edit the slackbuild and change the version, and then run the

and this is what I got

Hmm... Looks like a unified diff to me...
The text leading up to this was:
|--- ./thunderbird.orig 2005-10-25 21:59:02.000000000 -0500
|+++ ./thunderbird 2005-12-09 16:19:07.000000000 -0600
Patching file thunderbird using Plan A...
Hunk #1 FAILED at 92.
1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file thunderbird.rej
and referred from the output, I check the thunderbird.rej which is content like this


*** 92,99 ****
#uncomment for debugging
#set -x

- moz_libdir=/usr/local/lib/thunderbird-
- MRE_HOME=/usr/local/lib/mre/mre-

# Use in the current dir if it exists
# If not, then start resolving symlinks until we find
--- 92,99 ----
#uncomment for debugging
#set -x

+ moz_libdir=/usr/lib/thunderbird-
+ MRE_HOME=/usr/lib/mre/mre-

# Use in the current dir if it exists
# If not, then start resolving symlinks until we find
I dont know how to solve, so I just delete all the *.diff.gz in the directory, and run the slackbuild again, and It works. I created the package.
Is there any effects if I build it without the diff files?
I mean the negative effects, like from security, slack's system integration, or something?

nerix 03-21-2009 09:31 AM

Have you tried to open "*.diff" file with a text editor and change version numbers in it?

konfigure 03-21-2009 10:59 AM

I tought I already did that, but when I read ur reply, I try it again, by changing inside diff files.
And.. yes the build run succesfully

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