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Excalibur 07-04-2002 01:41 AM

Boot manager to boot CD's from floppy
Hello All,

I was searching for a solution for older machines that do not support booting CD's from the BIOS. I located Smart Boot Manager and it has worked great. It can be installed to a floppy disk and then booted. Select the CDROM from the menu and let it boot up.

Something to consider for the new Slack 8.1 that needs 6 disks to be loaded on the older computers. This only needs one disk. Thought I would share it with the list.

wartstew 07-05-2002 02:02 AM

Just make the two disk floppy set from the boot directory on the CDROM (1st one?, my 8.1 CD's haven't come in yet), using another computer/OS or something. Boot up the floppies and at some point the installer that boots will detect your CDROM, then ask where it should look for the Slackware sources from. After this, it should be the same as the CD-Boot install.

Excalibur 07-05-2002 08:10 AM

The ISO that we have available to download does not have the bootdisks or the rootdisks directory for 8.1. They are available from the slackware-current tree however. But the rootdisk set now contains 5 disks.

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