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Cesare 05-11-2011 03:20 PM

black window frame in Xfce - sometimes
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Hello there!

When starting Xfce, there's a ~50% chance that the theme (no matter which one) doesn't work properly and all the window frames are black. Sometimes it does work, but I can't reproduce either - it's random.

I've had this problem before on 13.1 and somehow managed to make it disappear (I switched from KDE and blamed it on me not getting all the settings right immediately). However, after installing 13.37 and starting with a clean homedir, it happens more often that it did on 13.1 and I just can't get rid of it.

Any hints?

PS: The whole Slackware / X11 / Xfce setup is fairly generic, but I do use the binary Nvidia driver from SBo and I have two TFTs configured as separate X11 screens.

dugan 05-11-2011 03:30 PM

Cesare 05-11-2011 03:56 PM

Sorry, no compiz running here, just plain Xfce without compositing.

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