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Danodare 02-27-2004 10:45 AM

Bash crashes ? File names with () and spaces
Using bittorrent, console mode.

"" to be precise.

quitting it like I always do with "q" key. It's supposed to take me back to bash prompt.

But... nothing happens. I could type things (and see them on the screen), carriage return, but no return to the bash prompt no matter how long I waited. I obviously tried Ctrl-C many times to no effect. Only thing it responded to was three finger salute (ctrl-alt-del).

1) In console mode, how to recover from this kind of situation ? Since it was not a hard crash, I suspect there must be a way to go to a prompt other than rebooting.

The last thing bittorrent does when a download is interrupted is to write the file. It just happened that this file was named "Oceanwaves\ \ (Umi\ ga\ Kikoeru\ -\ Studio\ Ghibli).avi". You'll notice that it has three bad caracters in a row, namely two spaces followed by a parenthesis.

2) Can this be the cause of the problem ? Generally, how do you deal with file names with () and spaces ?

Thanks in advance,

PS: even though it's not relevant to my questions, where I live, the above anime is not licensed.

slackwarefan 02-27-2004 02:50 PM

Dont think that the spaces or parenthesses would cause bash to hang, it would just give you an error message. Try Ctrl-D to exit bash, that is the logout key sequence, so it should log you out, and you could just log back in, or Ctrl-Z in case bittorrent is still running, that will stop it.

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