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opafire 11-28-2003 09:57 PM

Back and Forward buttons
is there a way to get the forward and back buttons on my mouse to work right??

Scruff 11-28-2003 10:15 PM

Yes. I never bothered to get mine working, but if you hit that search button in the upper right and try '5 button wheel mouse' (technically its 7, but...) I'm sure you'll see an abundance of posts. I know I've seen the solution posted around here at least once a week ;)

opafire 11-28-2003 10:42 PM

did you ever stop to think that maybe I had already done that, and I'm now posting because I can't get it to work quite write, I edited my xinitrc and xf86config files to what was posted in previous posts. but my back and forward buttons don't do anything. actually my forward button does do something and that is the equivalent to a right click. and my back button well it takes me to my homepage. some people on this message board really act all high and mighty sometimes!

Scruff 11-28-2003 10:49 PM

Easy with the attitude there buddy. Feeling a little insecure are we? My post wasnt intended to insult you. You asked a freakin' one line question! "How do I get my buttons working?" If you wanted a better response than a direction to 1000 posts on the subject, maybe you should have said: "This is what I have tried, X, Y, Z. Here is my xf86config file, etc etc. What am I doing wrong?"

opafire 11-28-2003 11:03 PM

insecure.....not in the slightest. it's not really a pressing matter if I get them to work, it is just a nicety to have and I had done most things the way other websites and posts suggested and nothing was working. I just asked a simple question. If you're not going to offer any help except "hit the search button" maybe you shouldn't reply. You should never assume by the question a person asks that they haven't already searched for it or tried something from another post!

Scruff 11-28-2003 11:13 PM

I wouldn't have assumed that had you included a little more info on what you had tried so far. Search through my posts. I doubt you'll find any attitude or any 'high and mighty' behavior in them. 70% of my posts are me helping other people and I don't usually tell them to use the search button either, but normally I can see they have done a little legwork before asking a quesion. Yours however, looks like a million other generalized questions "my X is broke, how do I fix it?" and has been answered countless times throughout this forum. Then, you replied with more attitude than I have ever got in this forum.

Obviously, if you have been working on this you know which files are relevant to the situation and could post them while giving a little background on what you tried. The fact that you didn't, would be why I assumed you didn't use the search button.

opafire 11-28-2003 11:40 PM

dude, chill. There are four key words in my question, that should generate a clue in anyones mind....'back', 'forward', and 'work correctly'. That's an obious statement that they work, however they do not produce the desired result. Now if I had said "my mouse buttons don't work fix it" yeah okay fine tell me to do a search on it then. But no I specifically stated which 2 buttons did not work correctly. There's no need for you to get all bent out of shape over this, and you should never assume anything about a person or their actions especially when dealing with software matters such as this, this is a support community for Linux. Do you think Tech Support people tell customers who call in with a question to do a google search on their problem. NO! We're all in the same boat here. Most of us Use Linux becaue we hate Microsoft or as in my case, it's a great platform for Software development. So, just chill out and drop this crap man. We all need a little help sometimes and the last thing some people want is for someone to tell them to do a search on it. Because maybe that someone did just what I did and already sought out the answer, but had no luck.

Scruff 11-28-2003 11:53 PM

I'm fine. There just was simply no other way to take your post, even though you'd like to think otherwise. My side buttons do something too, but they dont work for front and back and I've never done a thing to them. We do all need a little help sometimes. Thats whats great about this forum. I thought telling you where to look for an overabundance of info WAS helping you. Had I known you had tried all that stuff already, I wouldn't have told you to search. As I said, it wasn't to insult you. You simply didn't provide even a hint that you might have done a little work on the subject, and most people here (or anywhere for that matter) don't believe in spoon feeding.

By not providing even a scrap of detail, you also waste a lot of time getting responses that tell you to do things you already tried. Wasted time for those that post it as well.

Hope you get it worked out.

note: now might be a good time to post the methods you have tried as well as your xf86config file so the next guy doesn't waste as much time as I have...

opafire 11-29-2003 12:24 AM

man dude, you need to quit all this hatin' you got going on. I asked you to chill in my last response and tried to wave the white flag of peace but no you come back with your "final words" and it comes across just as hostile as most of your other replies. You know as a Supervisor in my workcenter, I'm faced with several questions on how to write Java Code daily. Sometimes I get "It's broke fix it" statements, but I ask questions to clarify their request of me. Call it spoonfeeding if you will, but when someone needs help generally their at the end of the rope or else they wouldn't be asking a question. I also think that your statement of "most people here don't believe in spoonfeeding" is false, the majority of the posts I have read the thread-starter asked a very vague question and the people replying to him had no problems with that. So, chill and if someone posts what you would consider a "vague" question, don't bother replying to it. Then you might not get annoyed by matters such as this.

slackMeUp 11-29-2003 02:01 AM


Both of you quit it!

Brane Ded 11-29-2003 03:23 AM


From what it sounds like, your xmodmap isn't set up right. How you said one button was acting like button 3(right clikc), and the other button was pretending to be button 2(scroll wheel button, goes to your homepage).

Make sure the line "xmodmap -e "pointer = 1 2 3 6 7 4 5"" (minus the outermost quotes) is in xinitrc. You can also run it from the terminal for instant gratification. Try running 'xev' from a terminal to make sure all the buttons are reading correctly.

It may not work at all if you haven't set your mouse protocol to "ExplorerPS/2" in your XF86Config file.

Anyway, I'm almost on the same boat. I've got all my buttons reading correctly, but it doesn't amount to squat if you can't get imwheel working properly. But I don't wanna hijack your post. :)

opafire 11-29-2003 08:34 PM

yeah I tried 2 different versions of imwheel, it doesn't seem to do what I want it to do though
after I set it all up my forward and back buttons then become move the pg up and down

KillerOfGiants 02-11-2004 10:04 PM

hey dude i think i know what your problem is because i had a similar one
i know you probably founf a solution already but here is mine:
slackware 9.1 logitech mx700
even though i had already put Option "Buttons" "7"my xfee86 ' xmodmap still didn't want to map more than 5 buttons
so i tried everything but what fixed my problem was xf86config
i ran it
than i configured my mouse
and after that xmodmap didn't have any problems mapping my buttons
after that you can worry about imwheel rc to assign those buttons

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