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kholdstayr 07-18-2005 03:06 PM

ati driver question and console question
I just have two quick questions. I installed the latest ATI drivers with Slack and they work great, but I am wondering how they can be uninstalled if I want to upgrade to newer ATI drivers in the future? I looked at the ATI documentation and I couldn't find anything on how to uninstall them.

Second, what is the deal with the "famous quotes" that appear whenever you open up a console session? I am wondering how to disable the quotes.

Thank you.

egag 07-18-2005 03:26 PM

hi there,

1) that program only installs itself in /lib/modules/fglrx ( IIRC )
and a module in /lib/modules/<your-kernel>/kernel/drivers/ ???
( look there, it's name is fglrx.ko or fglrx.o )
so , you need only to remove them.

2) you could stop fortune with " chmod -x /etc/profile.d/ "
after that it's no longer executable.


kholdstayr 07-18-2005 03:30 PM

Thanks for the reply, some of those fortunes were starting to drive me crazy. I really had no idea what was installed as part of the BSD games collection so I left it checked when installing.

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