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deveraux83 11-05-2004 02:34 AM

ATI driver installation in 2.4.26
Hey all, I was trying to install the graphics driver (fglrx) into my system. First I ran the '' program to determine my XFree86 version but it says that I don't have it installed. I know that Slackware changed to xorg.conf so I just tried using the 4.3 version of the drivers available on the ATI driver site.

Anyhow, installation was fine but then I ran into a problem when I actually tried to use the driver. I got loads of unresolved symbol errors from Xwindow and I'm sure that the graphics driver didn't load properly since I do OpenGL programming and my programs were running at a crawl (They should easily be able to do 600+ fps). Did I use the wrong XFree86 version? Or is there anyway around this problem?


Steel_J 11-05-2004 02:44 AM

I have the same card you do
I installed my 9600Xt 128 mb on Mandrake 10.1 with this guide here:

Here is a excerpt on the section for installing on a Slackware distro:

Installing ATI drivers on a Slackware Machine

8.1 Where to get the driver

The newest drivers can always be found at

8.2 Steps to take before installing the drivers

You will have to make some changes to the kernel. Check the kernel configuration part for info on that.

8.3 Installing the driver

First of all, you have to convert the RPM from to a format Slackware understands. This can be done with the utility rpm2targz (in debian you can get it with the help of apt-get).

* rpm2targz DRIVER_FILE_NAME.rpm

(From here on you have to be root to continue)

* su

Use Slackwares program to install the driver:

* installpkg DRIVER_FILE_NAME.tar.gz
* ldconfig # this is optional

Once this is finished you will have to build the kernel module. Info on how to do this can be found in the Common steps part later in this HowTo. After that it is just a matter of running fglrxconfig to set up X Windows. Info on how to do it can also be found in the Common steps part.

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