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wr3ck3d 04-02-2003 07:15 AM

Anyone using slackware 9 and use wine??
Anyone using slackware 9 and use wine AND got kazaalite working??

I got it installed but it won't start. Starcraft works fine but kazaa just wont start up. So wanted to see if anyone has gotten kazaa/wine(x)/slackware 9 working yet.


wr3ck3d 04-02-2003 08:55 AM

Ok, i decided to take the DLL overides out of the config....bam it fired up but crashed right away, but from the different dll overide suggestions on franks kazaa page i found one that works.

Why is this??? The exact same version of wine and kazaalite, but now slackware 9. Maybe someone could answer this.


luna 04-02-2003 11:43 AM

kazaa 1.7.2
To run Kazaa lite 1.7.2 using wine in Slack 9:

Just add this to your ~/.wine/.config and copy these dll:s from a win9x installation to your fake c/windows/system:

"commctrl" = "native"
"comctl32" = "native"
"comdlg32" = "native"
"msvcrt" = "native"
"shdoclc" = "native"
"shdocvw" = "native"
"shlwapi" = "native"
"urlmon" = "native"
"wininet" = "native"

wr3ck3d 04-02-2003 10:41 PM

Those are the exact DLL overrides I was using in 8.1...come 9 and I have to take out comctl32or else kazaa wont even start. very strange, Its alot more messed up that in was before, non stop errors messeges from start to close, the start/search/traffic menu is blurred out. When i click on to get a file there is no green arrow signaling that i clicked it.....jsut minor things are different, no big deal.

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