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pdi 12-03-2012 04:07 PM

An itch
I put together a shell script which works with queuefiles and I'd like to share it with fellow Slackers. As it builds on the great work of, sbopkg, and sbopkg-slackware-queues my thanks go out to each and everyone involved in these projects.

A short excerpt from the man page:

sbq is a small program operating on sbopkg-style queuefiles. Given a queuefile it helps with three tasks regarding the specified applications.
  • Download all the source files.
  • Generate an mkisofs-style path-list with all the source files, and use it to make an ISO image or a tar archive for transferring the files to another host.
  • Install or upgrade all built packages, including any required ones.

Quick start:

# installpkg sbq-0.1-noarch-1_pdi.tgz
# <editor> /etc/sbq/sbq.conf

In the config file change REPO_BRANCH to the Slackware version you wish/use. It may be better to leave PKG_ROOT at its default value at first, but if you change it make sure the new directory exists.

Do read the man page and get a feeling of the config file, but if feeling impatient:

$ sbq -rgq
which will rsync, generate queuefiles, and download sbopkg-slackware-queues.

Then use the smallest generated queuefile, <slackware-version>_ham.sqf, for testing the rest of the options, eg

$ sbq -f 14.0_ham.sqf
Here are the links:
package, md5
source, md5
SlackBuild, md5

I do hope you find it useful and pray no showstopper slipped through.

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