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windsok 09-09-2003 06:44 AM

alt tab in kde?
I am running a QuakeWorld client called FuhQuake in KDE. It works fine, but i am wondering if there is a way of "alt-tabbing" out of an application like this and back to the desktop, while the game is still running, then being able to go back into the game by "alt-tabbing" again.

I am using

kstart --fullscreen ./fuhquake-gl.glx -blahblah
to start the game.

Ive searched around but havent really found anything that answers this question.

Thanks for any help :)

Noryungi 09-09-2003 10:21 AM

First of all, you should be able to Alt+Tab within KDE without any problem...

If needed, just add a "&" at the end of the command, to indicate a background task, like so:

kstart --fullscreen ./fuhquake-gl.glx -blahblah &

That should do the trick...

Hope this helps! :D

windsok 09-09-2003 10:31 AM

I tried what you said and it diddnt work :(

I can alt tab between normal windowed programs, but when i run that full screen glx game, i cant alt tab out of it back to the desktop.

I tried a little test, i ran the "OpenGL spectrum analyser" from xmms in fullscreen mode (even though it displays in a window), when i ran it in fullscreen mode, i cant alt-tab from it, and my mouse cant leave its window.

Any more suggestions? :)

XavierP 09-09-2003 11:14 AM

How about alt-fx to switch to a different desktop?

windsok 09-09-2003 09:45 PM

you mean like alt-f1 alt-f2 etc?

doesnt seem to work even when not in game

XavierP 09-10-2003 05:06 AM

Oooops - should have said Ctrl-Alt-Fx.


windsok 09-10-2003 06:31 AM

hmm most of them switch me back to a console login prompt except f7 which brings me back to X

XavierP 09-10-2003 07:57 AM

Try logging in at the prompt.

buyo 09-10-2003 09:38 AM

I thought it was ctrl+F1 through F4 to switch windows for KDE...

windsok 09-11-2003 12:19 AM

ctrl+f1 though to f4 works normally in kde to switch desktop. but in a game like fuhquake or tuxracer it isnt working for me :(

End11 11-30-2003 02:56 AM

yeah i have the same problem with rtcw:et and it drives me crazy because i cant get an ip ingame and give it to somebody on irc without quitting the program...

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