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veritas 08-18-2003 06:09 PM

aKtion! causes an error when i try to open an .avi file
I go into aKtion!, go to open, go to my mounted winxp partition and try to open an .avi file (or .mov file, and that mov file was on my linux partition), but then it gave me this error:

Can't find the xanim executable:


What can i do to fix this?

veritas 08-18-2003 07:56 PM

Do i need to give more information?

hexbit 08-18-2003 09:12 PM

Aktion is just a video player based on xanim. In order to actually use aktion you need xanim or higher. You can go here : to download it.

acid_kewpie 08-19-2003 06:04 AM

or use a decent player (xanim is pants)

veritas 08-19-2003 11:01 AM

Im going to try out that mplayer website, because I am having problems compiling xanim. Thanks for the replys.

veritas 08-19-2003 11:45 AM

MPlayer works great.. no problems compiling it, or using it, unlike xanim. Thanks for giving me the link.

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