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Martinus2u 02-22-2013 03:05 PM

After upgrade to -current, lost mover bar on windows
as the title suggests, i've upgraded one machine to -currrent (as of 2012-02-22) and find my windows are lacking the mover bar. The other window decorations are present (buttons). Truth be told, since mesa was part of the package I took the opportunity to upgrade the nvidia binary driver as well (

I'm on 64bit architecture, XFCE, no compositing, GF 560 Ti.

I am still in the process of varying parameters. As part of that I have "upgraded" cairo, fontconfig and freetype to -current, too, which means i have lost lcdfilter and i am back to ugly fonts :(

Anyway, if anybody has an idea please let me know.


Martinus2u 02-22-2013 03:40 PM

OK, i worked out it only affects the aftermarket window manager theme i was using (Ambiance). The standard XFCE themes work fine.

I won't mark the post as solved yet, in case someone has an idea regarding Ambiance.

I'll probably downgrade cairo, fontconfig and freetype back to lcdfilter, too. :p

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