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boinkboink 02-15-2013 07:54 PM

After pidgin security update: irc not available.
irc was working on:


# uname -a
Linux tsunami 3.2.29 #2 SMP Mon Sep 17 14:19:22 CDT 2012 x86_64 AMD FX(tm)-8120 Eight-Core Processor AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux

Worked until:

upgradepkg pidgin-2.10.7-x86_64-1_slack14.0.txz
broke it. Simply not available in list of supported protocols.

I've read the relative threads where states that it will be marked [Solved] when the issue is.

Is the above thread the definitive source for info on resolution of the issue?

Really miss my IRC via pidgin.


volkerdi 02-15-2013 07:57 PM

Build 3 is up now. Go get it. :)

boinkboink 02-15-2013 10:07 PM

On my way, thank you sir! :hattip:

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