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NoStressHQ 06-29-2011 10:07 AM

Advice on VPS hosting supporting Slackware...
Hi all,

This issue has already been discussed on this thread:

But it's 1 year old so I wanted to know if any of you had other ideas.

It seems to me that is quite a good choice indeed, but I want to be sure before I engage my company with it.

So for you who are using linode, are you all happy with it ? Anyone using it from a France based business ?

And if you ever have other suggestion, I'm quite open with that, if they allow having a Slackware guest, AND is not too "g33k" (like this one which is NOT an option :) ) because I need to make my colleagues confident, and they are a bit scared of having a service only for hackers, in fact I need to reassure them even with linode, they're scared to death because I want a Slackware server ;)...

Thanks !


ruario 06-29-2011 12:43 PM

I would certainly recommend Linode! I use them myself albeit running Arch. I have used them for about 1 and a half years with no problems and no hiccups. Also no downtime, or at least none I am aware of. ;)

However I should mention that I am using their cheapest account and primarily as a kind of $HOME away from $HOME ;) so that I don't need to leave my main machine on all the time. I suspect you have very different requirements.

ponce 06-29-2011 01:26 PM

I found myself pretty well with this french ( :) ) cheap solution

the kimsufi 2g is enough to run a wordpress-mu, redmine and some other stuff, but you can opt also for more expensive solutions if you have a really high traffic site to load on it (there's a guide to implement also clustered services).
they offer slackware64-13, but you can upgrade it later to 13.37.
and, the best thing, they offer a 100Mbit (effective) connection, very nice for a streaming video server (I installed erlyvideo to stream flash live content): you can do 5TB of traffic at that speed, then it's capped at 10Mbit (still fast enough to serve isos and a slackware mirror with not much traffic).

plus they got also a multiplatform client to manage services with the same things that are available on their web interface ;)

NoStressHQ 06-29-2011 04:46 PM

Thanks for those infos!
@ruario: yeah, all the reviews I've read about linode are positive. Of course our usage will be for business but it seems it's rock solid, and have a very stable connection. Uptime seems to be on top.
@ponce: thank you for this alternative, I didn't know about it. Although I have read mixed reviews on their services, so I have some doubt about using them for a business usage.
For now, it seems I'll stick with the linode solution. I'm still waiting another day to make my choice, just in case new data makes change my mind.

Cheers !


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