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Arcades 07-02-2003 10:09 AM

Advice for a newbie
Hello, I have been inspired to changing from windows xp to linux, as Im studying compsci and have noticed my future papers are mostly based in linux (I figure I should know how linux works before I try to code in it!).

I read that slackware is a good distro for really understanding / learning linux on.

I also want to keep windows at first (through fear I can't find replacment programs) and run my ethernet adsl ppoa connection and a printer. (Im sure every linux system can run these - but is it a big deal setting them up?)

Is slackware for me? - or am I trying to walk before I can crawl?

Thanks in advance.

Azmeen 07-02-2003 10:16 AM

As for ADSL, it's very easy to get running under Slack.

I can't say much about printers though, I don't have any :p

Slackware is definitely good for learning Linux... Heck, I've learnt more about Linux in 3 months using Slack, than 3 years using Mandrake!

Arcades 07-02-2003 10:20 AM

has your previous knowledge been necessary from mandrake? - or do you think you could of just dived straight in? :)

EDIT: after reading other threads in this and the general section (sry, I guess I should have done this first), I feel confident I will have little hassles - and won't (hopefully) get totally confused.

So Im off to install slack now :D

Synth218 07-02-2003 10:57 AM

im a newbie jsut like you that just recently switched in from win xp and i dived right in. at first i thought it was 2 hard and kept running back to windows but then my windows xp got f**ked up so i said screw that put slackware back on and have been forced to learn it ever since haha... yes i must admit its alot of work but it sure is worth it. my first linux distro i tried was corel linux and that was just a wannabe windows so i really dind't learn anything from it then i tried slackware and thought it was 2 hard so i quit then i tried redhat which was just gay!!! no offence to the redhat lovers but yeah long story short im back to Slack and loving it !!!

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