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Atnot 02-18-2005 04:09 PM

adding Slackware to HDD - partitioning/lilo
I'm currently running Mandrake and would like to also be able to boot to Slackware. I am new to linux but am not afraid of the learning curve in learning Slackware.

When I installed Mandrake I had not perceived I would install another distribution and just let Mandrake partition my drive however it decided. My current disk usage is:

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda1 5.8G 2.0G 3.6G 36% /
/dev/hda6 36G 5.7G 30G 17% /home

On my 40 gig drive, I would assume 2 gigs has been used for the Swap partition.

To install Slackware, how do I repartition the drive and leave Mandrake intact?
(I'm guessing I repartition /dev/hda6 to a smaller size then make a new partition for root and home under Slackware).

Also, will Slackware automatically reconfigure lilo for me during the install, without harming the Mandrake boot information or do I need to figure out how to setup lilo before I go about adding Slackware to my system?

Thanks in advance,

ps, I also assume I can share the 2 gigs of space used for swap by Mandrake.

Atnot 02-18-2005 06:44 PM

after much more searching I found the answer I was looking for written by Ivan Sy Jr. here

the short of it is:
(one partition per distro, where /home and /swap can be shared by all the
install your primary distro that will handle lilo, and use it.
when installing other distros, target its root to its designated partition
and do not allow lilo to write MBR during installation. then after restart
(after installation),
boot to your primary distro, mount the partition of the new distro, copy
its /boot contents and store
it to primary distros /boot folder, much better make a specific folder per

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