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id10t 01-14-2004 11:37 AM

Adding drivers, recognise SATA drive installing
I am on a rig that i installed RedHat right onto the sata drive... All that i had to do was get my hands on the right driver... Which I have for my promise chip built into the mobo. During the Red Hat install, it asked me for the driver disk, I simply slapped it in there and away I went. The problem is that i have no idea how to do this during the slackware installation.

In short I just really need to know how to add a driver before I install Slackware.

[BTW I did search the forum very well because I thought this would have already been asked, but I found nothing that helped... If there is another post that will save me, please give me the link and I will leave with my tail between my legs.]

tricky_linux 01-14-2004 04:24 PM

why don't you try red hat linux 9.0?
it should recognize automatically.

id10t 01-14-2004 10:41 PM

I'm not sure if I misunderstand your answer or what but I'm not sure you even read my post... I used Redhat... It was fine... I installed it and I am done with it... I tried slackware on a box with Parellel ATA(IDE) and I loved it. I want it on my SATA box because it just runs so well...

But yeah... The whole idea is getting slackware on my SATA drives.

id10t 01-15-2004 05:57 PM

I tried using the Unsupported sata.i kernel, but I can't seem to get past where it asks for the Ramdisk...

OK so I boot up and it boots to the floppy... I press enter, and booting continues on the boot disk... Then it asks for the RAM disk which I have added the image of "color.gz" to. Then the system hangs on "Compressed image found at block zero" After a little while, the floppy drive stops making noise and nothing happens... i can reboot though by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del...

I've tried at least 8 different versions of color.gz (each of them being between 2.4megs and 10 megs) None of them get any farther than "Compressed image found at block zero".

id10t 01-16-2004 03:18 PM

Well since no one replied to that... I am to assume that no one knows...

So I am thinking of a completely different solution...

First I need to know if Kernel 2.6.1 has support for SATA... I have heard a few things here and there about it maybe working in suggested solutions to problems with SATA drives....

I am planning to take an old IDE drive, install slackware on it and update the kernel to 2.6.1 (hopefully with SATA support)

Then, how might I copy the image of that disk on to the SATA drive?
Do I need to partition and format the Sata drive before I copy the image over?
Will it make much of a difference that I am using a 30 gig IDE to copy over to an 80 gig SATA?

nesware 01-16-2004 05:11 PM

try the option from the /rootdisk
basically you unzip the file to a dos partion on a disk and mount that instead of the root floppy... maby better luck that way..
if there's a way to put the zip file on the sata disk of course
just keep on trying dude...

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