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d00bid00b 12-01-2006 12:43 PM

a strange problem when converting video files to dvd-compatable files
Hey all

I am stumped by this - maybe someone here can lend a few thoughts to assist me.

I have recently been bitten by the DVD-burning bug and have taken to downloading videos from the Web and converting them to dvd-compatable formats prior to burning a DVD. I have been using the scripts suggested in this article to accomplish this
I've noticed that doing this will completely screw up my machine and its settings - for example: I have had to uninstall and re-install OOo because it would no longer load, I have lost the background/desktop image in XFce4.2 and the right click menu won't work, and my machine cannot burn DVDs (gives error messages) until I reboot. I have tried logging out and back in, which didn't fix the DVD burning issue and only rebooting seems to work. However, the other problems remain. On one occasion even my KMail setting went haywire, as have Thunderbird settings and Firefox lost all of its settings too.

I have no idea what is going on here. Any ideas? I am running Slackware 10.2 with the vanilla 2.4 kernel. I have plenty of RAM and plenty of HDD space and have never had these kinds of problems before now. It makes me really wary of converting any more videos that's for sure. Could my system have been compromised? I checked all the md5sums of the apps I installed to do this work, so am none the wiser.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

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