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trist007 03-15-2014 11:25 AM

a question on dual boots...
I have a computer that had Windows 8.1 preinstalled. I install Slackware64 14.1 off dvd media. It recognized that the computer was running EFI and installed elilo and slackware boots just fine. However, how do I boot back into Windows 8.1? What needs to be configured?


trist007 03-15-2014 11:32 AM

Here is more information on the matter. I have two hard disks /dev/sda and /dev/sdb.

I simply added a new hard disk /dev/sdb and just installed Slackware on this hard drive. Only thing the Slackware installer did was update /boot/efi to include the Slackware entry.


Part. # Size Partition Type Partition Name
1007.0 KiB free space
1 500.0 MiB EFI System EFI system partition
2 40.0 MiB Unknown Basic data partition
3 128.0 MiB Microsoft reserved Microsoft reserved partition
4 490.0 MiB Windows RE Basic data partition
5 473.1 GiB Microsoft basic data Basic data partition
449.2 GiB free space
6 8.1 GiB Windows RE Microsoft recovery partition
1007.5 KiB free space


Part. # Size Partition Type Partition Name
3.0 KiB free space
1 235.0 GiB Linux filesystem root
2 3.5 GiB Linux swap swap

trist007 03-15-2014 02:44 PM

Ah got this one. I can select which OS to boot from the BIOS.

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