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Sifvion 03-25-2003 01:30 AM

9.0 is a beta release?
Just want to ask the expert here is slackware 9.0 a beta release?
My friends told me that 9.0 is a official beta release. Is it true and it is not stable yet?

doublefailure 03-25-2003 03:47 AM

official 9.0 was released about a week ago..
you can get iso from

Sifvion 03-25-2003 04:18 AM

Ya I know about that just that someone told me that the officially Slackware 9.0 release is somewhat a beta version and is not stable yet.

DaOne 03-25-2003 06:21 AM

Slackware 9.0 is the official stable release. It's only beta when it's "current", and then it becomes a release candidate, and then stable.

doublefailure 03-25-2003 06:23 AM

stable kernel 2.4.20
stable kde3.1
stable gnome2.2

why it's beta version?

although i think galeon 1.3.3 is not mature enough(well browser is a big part in computing)

Sifvion 03-25-2003 06:31 AM

Thanks you for all of your reply I guess I will have the confident to argue with him now.

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