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Smokey 09-16-2004 06:51 AM

64bit slackware-like distro?
is there a linux distribution that is like slackware but for 64 bit cpus? If there is a slackware-based distro, wow great, but anything "similar" to slackware would be fine as well? thanks.

rjlee 09-16-2004 07:01 AM

A little searching shows that Fedora, Debian, Gentoo and SuSE all have x86_64bit support.

SuSE has a nice install/configuration utility and bundles a lot of software, while Gentoo compiles everything from source for lengthy installs but optimum performance. Fedora is like Red Hat, and I've read someone say they've heard that Debian needs “tuning”.

Or build your own :)

If you have an AMD Opteron processor (rather than the Intel range that don't support 32-bit code very well at all) then you can get most of the benefits of 64-bit just by installing Slackware and recompiling the kernel (and any other critical apps you use a lot) for your processor.

shepper 09-16-2004 10:16 AM

FreeBSD also has AMD64 support.

Slackware uses FreeBSD style init scripts and uses a ncurses style installer. with fdisk.

alex1986 07-28-2006 02:43 PM

there is an 'unofficial' version of slackware for 64bit computers.


hollywoodb 07-29-2006 12:38 AM

in addition to slamd64, there's

cs-cam 07-29-2006 02:07 AM

There is also Frugalware that has a 64bit port. I think it's basically Slackware with pacman for package management but I could be wrong on that.

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