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a4z 10-06-2011 12:39 PM

[ANN]sbbdep 0.0.9
sbbdep, slack build binary dependencies, update is avialable

sbbdep can be used to produce dependencies files for slapt-get or just show dependency information, but not only for installed packages but also for single binary/library files.
beside that sbbdep can be used for the make install DESTDIRs.

sbbdep produces either short lists with package names only or with version info appended.

sbbdep will also show missing libraries.

sbbdep is currently the fastest way to produce dependency information because it holds the package information in a sqlite database which is kept in sync.

sbbdep works very exact because it directly reads the elf headers of dynamic linked binaries and libraries.

sbbdep can also show what binaries/packages an installed package or binary/library requires

a small sample of usage for sbbdep can be found here

download of the source distribution:

download and extract,
cd into sbbdep_slk
cmake .

make install , or use the binary from the bin directory

all source repositories can be found here:

for building sbbdep on slackware < 13.37 libelf is required.

this may be the last version that may build on older slackware versions because I will start to use c++11 features for my projects soon

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