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dive 04-12-2014 11:36 AM

[ANN] Soma 2.9.0
A few updates:


Keys 1 - 0 now do volume 10%, 20%, ..., 100%
This value is saved in the .conf for the next time you start up.
<Space> now does a proper pause/play
<d> is now disconnect/reconnect (which is what <space> used to do)

Note that if it is paused for a significant time, at play it will play whatever mplayer has cached and then jump forward to present time.


I've added new SomaFM stations.
Added 3 talk radio URLs (note Coast2CoastAM listeners)

Note that now a ~/.soma/dialogrc-$VERSION is used. If you have a custom one, you will need to copy it over to this.

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