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slakmagik 10-03-2012 10:38 PM

[ANN] sbopkg 0.36.0 is released
Announcing a new release of the package browser.

Not a whole lot in this one, but the download-only and '-ri' and NICE options are, well, nice, and if you're afraid to edit the config files, this one's ready to use with your brand-spanking-new Slackware 14. :)

Link to full announcement

Forgot the url in the email - mighty helpful, those are.

Beelzebud 10-03-2012 11:06 PM

Very nice! Thank you.

kikinovak 10-04-2012 12:19 AM

Great ! Using it quite a lot here. Niftly little utility. Huge pat on the shoulder. Keep up the good work.

TL_CLD 10-04-2012 01:01 AM

Great! Thanks a bunch. sbopkg is a great tool. :)

markush 10-04-2012 01:09 AM


thanks, I've already installed the new release.


brianL 10-04-2012 10:40 AM

Thanks. No Slacker should be without it. :)

slakmagik 10-05-2012 02:00 PM

Thanks everybody - glad you're enjoying it. :)

[Copied from an email sent to the sbopkg/SBo lists:]

Because it wasn't a change in sbopkg itself, I forgot to include a note
in the NEWS file about the new REQUIRES line in the .info file. Sbopkg
has long provided the ability to use queuefiles and that doesn't change,
so users are free to generate queues using the new .info info. Perhaps
the gitorious queuefile repo will make use of this. Sbopkg has also long
provided access to both the README and the .info files either from the
command line or the dialog UI. Unfortunately, at least for now, the user
will have to start using that capability of looking at the .info file in
addition to the README to get all the information since the dependency
data has been removed from the README.

Thanks to elesmod in #sbopkg for reminding me of this.

elesmod 10-05-2012 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by slakmagik (Post 4798278)
Thanks to elesmod in #sbopkg for reminding me of this.

Was just a noob asking a question :)

(And thanks to alisonken1home, who quickly figured out what has happened before slakmagik had a chance to answer.)

affinity 10-05-2012 04:49 PM

Awesome, thanks!

lopid 10-06-2012 01:47 PM

Thank you.

When viewing the queue, since it shows the installed version, consider showing the newer version as well. If one of the packages would be downgraded, it's impossible to tell on that screen.

Could you please remove the 'clear' from line 4440?

hitest 10-06-2012 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by brianL (Post 4797206)
Thanks. No Slacker should be without it. :)

Agreed. I've always managed my slackbuilds manually; today I decided to try sbopkg. Sbopkg is an amazing utility. Many thanks!! :)

sycamorex 10-06-2012 03:58 PM

I don't always use sbopkg, but when I do, it rocks!

Thank you.

mrclisdue 10-06-2012 04:54 PM

sbopkg+queuefiles=dependency resolution in the church of the subgenious

praise bob,

kikinovak 10-06-2012 11:44 PM

OK, upgraded here. Except you modified some keyboard shortcuts, and now I can't build a package using the left hand only on the keyboard with "B" for "Build". I also have to use the right hand to activate "P" for "Process". :scratch:

brianL 10-07-2012 04:09 AM


Originally Posted by mrclisdue (Post 4799011)
sbopkg+queuefiles=dependency resolution in the church of the subgenious

praise bob,

Yeah, makes Slackware as good as Ubuntu. ;)
(Help! Where can I hide???)

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