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uselpa 09-09-2005 03:03 PM

[ANN] pkgcheck 0.05 has been released
pkgcheck 0.05 has been released.

What is pkgcheck?
pkgcheck is a Python script to check the sanity of a Slackware package. It works with Slackware packages ONLY.
A sanity check should be done either when creating Slackware packages or before installing packages created by somebody else. It will output useful information and can prevent the corruption of your system.

What's new in version 0.05?
- added configuration files
- added a check for hardlinks {hardlnk}
- slackdesc can be between 1 and 13 lines instead of exactly 11
- fixed a bug in {info-zip}
- normalised the labels "info","Warn","ERR"
- *KO* errorlevel is now 5 instead of 4 - 4 is used for "?" i.e. undefined errors (something you should never see). If you check the return code, keep considering >=4 as a blocking error.

pkgcheck's homepage is at where it can also be downloaded.

pkgcheck is still beta software. Please feel free to send any remarks or ideas to the email address included in the documentation.

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