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phenixia2003 08-30-2012 09:25 AM

[ANN] compat32pkg 1.5.120822 is out !
Hello Slackers,

This new compat32pkg fixes some minor bugs, provides a new feature, and comes with a new mode for package processing.

As always you can get the latest compat32pkg package for slackware at compat32pkg's website, or by following this direct link.

Note that, users who update to this new version must pay attention to the following files :



But before that, let me introduce this new release.

The new feature, which I called The triggers, allows user to execute a task following an event. This can be to print a message,
a warning or to execute an external command following install/update/remove of, the layer-32, a given package, ...

Only external commands which are trusted by compat32pkg can be executed. By default, compat32pkg allows the execution of
the commands installpkg, upgradepkg and c32pkg-notify-send, this last one being a simple wrapper for notify-send.

For instance, compat32pkg is shipped with a "trigger" that warns the user when the package mesa has been updated, as shown
below (mesa upgrade done on an old Slackware64-13.0) :


$ compat32pkg --mirror @France-13.0 --upgrade list:mesa

compat32pkg ver. 1.5.120822 (stable)

(INFO) No default mirror was defined in configuration's script /etc/compat32pkg/compat32pkg.conf
[--upgrade] Started on Thu 30 Aug 2012 03:06:04 PM CEST                                                           
[--upgrade]  Using mirror
[--upgrade]  Local system is Slackware/x86_64 version
[--upgrade]  Mirrored system is Slackware/i486 version 13.0
[--upgrade]  Slackware-32 packages will be stored into /var/cache/compat32pkg/slackware-32
[--upgrade]  compat32 packages will be stored into /var/cache/compat32pkg/compat-32
[--upgrade]  Configuration file for "layer-32" : /etc/compat32pkg/multilib-32bit-packages.lst version 1.5.120817
[--upgrade]  Trusted external commands : installpkg,upgradepkg,c32pkg-notify-send
[--upgrade]  1 update(s) were found (0,069 sec.)
 No. ! Packages                                          ! Status             
  1 ! mesa-compat32 7.5-2                                ! supersedes ver. 7.5-1         

(WARNING)  *** -=[ mesa-compat32 has been updated ]=- **********************
(WARNING) *                                                                *
(WARNING) *  In order to use graphical softwares, you should reinstall any  *
(WARNING) *  proprietary driver in use (like nVidia or aTi) with 32-bit    *
(WARNING) *  driver files.                                                  *
(WARNING) *                                                                *
(WARNING)  *****************************************************************

[--upgrade] Ended on Thu 30 Aug 2012 03:06:35 PM CEST

The wrapper c32pkg-notify-send, can be used to create triggers that will notify the user through a tooltip, like this one,
which is shipped with compat32pkg.

If you want to learn more about this new feature, I invite you to read this section on compat32pkg's documentation page.

As I said at start of this post, compat32pkg comes with a new mode of packages processing. This one, called concurrent,
uses separate processes for downloading, converting, and installing the packages. This means that a package can be in download,
while another (already downloaded) is being converted, and yet another (already downloaded and converted), is being installed.

By default, compat32pkg is configured to use the concurrent mode unless there are less than 3 packages to process,
or there's only one cpu/core installed. In this case, compat32pkg uses the legacy mode, which is inherited from past versions.

You will find more detailed information about the concurrent mode in this section on compat32pkg's documentation page.

Feel free to post feedback about this new version, which I hope will fits your needs.



jtsn 09-01-2012 09:20 AM

Great tool. I haven't noticed it until now. Keep up the good work.

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