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And here's how I think Chrome OS *will* turn the tables:
  • The reason why most Web browsers are free is because they are heavily supported by ads.
  • As such, even though Chrome OS is free, Google is still making money off of it.
  • There also is plenty of shareware, trialware, and proprietary freeware on the Chrome Web Store that can easily be used for Chrome OS OEMs to make money on. Also, Chrome OS "crapware" is easy to create, since most Chrome OS software is as a service.
  • Therefore, it will go as follows:
    • The OEMs install Chrome OS, and install most of the "crapware" that normally gets installed on Windows systems, since it is (1) so easy for people to develop and (2) easy for people to make money off of.
    • The OS is free besides. Combine this with all the ads on the Internet that companies make money off of, along with ads inside apps (like there is on Android), and adware that the PC manufacturers can install inside Chrome and that companies can make millions more dollars off of, and companies will be able to profit more.
    • As such, because corporations will profit more when they install Chrome OS, the hardware manufacturers will be able to sell Chrome OS devices at a ridiculously cheap price. Therefore, people will be able to flock to it like crazy.
    • The people will choose the $50 Chrome OS devices hands-down over the $500 Windows PCs, and Microsoft's market share will be undermined
    • This in turn will cause people to support Chrome OS more, selling more and more software that can easily be used by PC manufacturers to make money.
    • And this will cause an endless loop of support, obtain, support.

Now I don't know about you, but this certainly sounds reasonable to me.

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