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Originally Posted by anishakaul View Post
I don't think so !

**Many** times I seen senior members reminding the OP's to:

1. Not to write in sms language.
2. To provide system details.
3. Not to ask homework questions without showing any efforts.
4. Not to create duplicate threads.
5. Not to hijack other people's threads.
6. Not to create titles like "Urgent, help".

But still that's of NO use since I've seen the same OP's repeating the same mistakes again and again, thus ignoring the advises.

If the OP is given a down reputation on the first go (with a proper comment explaining the reasons) he'll be very careful next time !!!
  1. Anyone writing in SMS has got to seriously be out of their minds as it is hard to read.
  2. If someone provides no details and just says "Help me", how are they going to get any help?
  3. Any n00bish questions like "What commands can I use to move, copy, or rename files?" obviously deserve to be Googled, not asked on a forum.
  4. If the OP forks the discussion into two threads, how do we know which thread to reply to? If you want more help, tag the thread.
  5. If you post your own help question in another person's thread, it is called "hijacking" the thread. Don't do it. It draws attention away from the OP.
  6. A thread with a descriptive title is definitely more likely to get a response than a title of one word.